Avoiding Errors In Kitchen Design

If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen in your DC home, then now is the time to be learning all about kitchen design. Even if you’re planning on hiring someone who does kitchen design DC, you want to be sure they know what they’re doing – to avoid some of the biggest and most inconvenient kitchen design errors.

The biggest error that most people make is obstructing the ‘work triangle in the kitchen. This means that the fridge, the sink, and the stovetop – the three most used places in your kitchen – should be placed in a sort of triangle that would allow you to move fluidly and freely between the two. This is the most basic to help us avoid headaches and problems in the kitchen.

Also, lighting is of vital importance. Sometimes we forget all about it when designing a kitchen, since we are so excited about the new paint color, the backsplash, and our new stainless steel appliances. However, with little illumination, our kitchen experience with knives and other sharp objects could end up… well… not so pleasant.

Ventilation is another one of those that usually gets forgotten, though it is important to realize that the kitchen is normally exposed to lots of humidity, and sometimes even smoke. Having a good ventilation system is essential to keeping your kitchen in good condition, and comfortable for everyone.

Too little storage space is a fatal error, as well. There are pots, pans, utensils, bowls, plates, food, and more to be stored. Make sure that everything will have an adequate, useful place.

That goes for counter space, too. If there’s not enough space to cut, roll, store, mix, and prepare, it makes the kitchen experience all the more frustrating. You may even consider an island to help out with both extra counter and storage space.